02 September 2006


The salesman's cross reference

My wife and I burst out laughing.

We have a short book called Baby Animals. (Apparently there are a lot of books called Baby Animals.) It's filled with page-sized photographs of very cute creatures, like these pictures of chicks or bunnies or whales. In fact, there's a cute baby lion on the cover of our book. I'm telling you, these baby animals are CUTE!

After reading cool facts about these babies -- dogs and cats are born blind, chicks eat small stones because they have no teeth, whales drink 100 gallons of milk daily -- we get the inside back cover, where the publisher writes the following:

If you liked learning about Baby Animals, you will also enjoy

Fighting Fires
Giant Machines
Killer Whales
Planets Around the Sun
Wild Bears

What am I missing?

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Planets Around the Sun, should read as

Planets Around the Sun, The
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